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Things To Frame That Are Different

May 16

When it comes to custom picture framing, the choices are endless, and you can really express yourself when it comes to framing unusual and unique products. Simply locate something that will lay flat!

Perhaps your house is already adorned with family photographs and artwork, and all you need to do now is freshen things up. Finding distinctive pieces to frame, on the other hand, may be deceivingly difficult; you must consider not only what items really mean something to you, but also what would create a nice display.

Here are some interesting and unusual items to frame that will brighten up your home décor.

Gift Ideas For Picture Frames

While all of these ideas would look fantastic in your house, they would also make excellent presents for friends and family. Picture frames are designed to showcase and preserve a particular piece of art, a personal snapshot, or anything else that you value. Why not share those precious moments with individuals you care about and offer them the gift of good memories? Here are items to frame for your house or as a present, whether you're searching for something unique to put in your home or a unique gift idea to share with someone special!

Architectural Drawings, Diagrams, Or Maps

Maps are not only aesthetically appealing displays for your house, but they are also full of brilliant color and unusual texture. Furthermore, any map or graphic might offer specific significance while expressing a portion of your tale.

To make the display more personal, consider framing a map of your birthplace or a favorite vacation location. Perhaps you have a schematic or architectural design of your house or a favorite activity.


Puzzles demand attention, grit, and dedication to complete, and they are well worth displaying in a gorgeous frame. A framed puzzle is a bright and distinctive wall decoration that displays both your hard work and a beautiful picture.

Puzzle frames are ideal for use in playrooms, workplaces, or any other location that requires a splash of color. However, if you're not accustomed to assembling and framing puzzles, make sure to still check out frame samples.

Pennants & Flags

A flag isn't limited to being displayed on a flagpole. A professional-looking display for any wall space may be made by framing a flag or pennant that is important to you. Additionally, flags come in a variety of forms and sizes to complement any home design scheme.

Stamps Or currency

You can come into some foreign currency after a lengthy vacation that you either forgot to spend or neglected to convert back to US dollars. Instead of throwing that money away in a drawer, try framing it for a bright and distinctive display.

Perhaps you have your own firm and have received your first cash bill. Why not give it a proper position of respect instead of taping it to the register?

Covers Of Books

Book covers are a fun and personal way to show off what you like to read most in your office or basement wall space.

Purchasing Concert Tickets

Perhaps it was your first concert (hairstyles! clothes! band!) or the first one you attended with your significant other. What better way to preserve memories than to place them on your wall? The memories alone are valuable, whether it's a single ticket or a collage of several.